Lattice Technology targets lightweight ease of use for BOMs

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Version 13 of Lattice3D Studio allows for the creation of lightweight bill of materials documents to be created and shared

The latest version of Lattice3D Studio aims to increase technical documentation use, allowing authoring from any CAD model, and creating lightweight Bill Of Materials (BOM) files easy enough for all aspects of a business to understand.

The models in version 13 of the product are marketed as ‘ultra-lightweight’, usually half of one percent of the size of the native CAD model, and because of this, these 3D models can be consumed on virtually any Windows computer as well as many Windows and Apple tablets for free.

The software allows for a master Engineering BOM to be created, which can have multiple BOM views for different purposes, accurate geometry along with related annotations and product manufacturing information.
A single BOM that includes all of the variable parts can easily be used to create assembly processes for all models and variants, while the variations can easily be viewed side-by-side to aid in understanding.

“We continue to add features and functionality that provide our customers with better tools and more efficient ways to leverage their 3D design data,” explained Bill Barnes, general manager, Lattice Technology.

“Lattice3D Studio version 13 provides even more time-saving and robust capabilities such as direct publishing to Microsoft Excel and 3D PDF. Additionally, we continue to grow our mobile computing capabilities by adding support for Windows 8.1 and SurfacePro.”



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