Objet printers get colour treatment

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Artist Neri Oxman’s ‘Beast’ now has the capability to be printed in colour using Objet 3D printing

In what can only be described as an ‘impromptu’ unveiling, Objet today announced the ability of its Connex printers to produce multi-colour models via its ink-jet technology.

At the Multiversités Créatives’ exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Objet unveiled works by from Neri Oxman, artist, architect, designer and assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology that made full use of the new colour technology.

Although it would not reveal at the event whether it would be commercialised it is expected that the colour printheads, working to something like an RGB format, would occupy the two ‘dormant’ support printheads within the Connex machine, allowing a three-colour range of non-pantone shades to be printed.

We expect to see a new machine using the technology first, before potential upgrades for current Objet Connex users.

With Stratasys, it’s partner in the recently announced merger, readying to announce its own news next week, it gives a strengthened basis to a company that will be squaring up to 3D Systems in the 3D printing market.



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