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Fictiv announces Jabil 3D Printing collaboration

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A collaboration between Fictiv and Jabil is looking to de-risk and streamline 3D printed prototyping through to mass-scale production using an innovative digital thread all the way through the supply chain. from quote to completion.

Over the last six years, Fictiv has manufactured more than 10M parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, and its aim now is to remove the friction from taking the idea stages through to volume consumption with additive manufacturing.

Customers of the Fictiv Global Manufacturing Ecosystem, from startups to global OEMs, will be able to access the global additive manufacturing capabilities of Jabil through a single digital thread.

Beyond the 3D printing of parts, Jabil can now leverage Fictiv’s precision service model to offer volume manufacturing, data, packaging and on-time fulfilment to end-customers with less risk.

“We know from years of manufacturing experience that the move from idea to volume consumption is hard – no matter how solid the products are,” said Fictiv COO Jean Olivieri.

“Our goal is to add speed and agility to the manufacturing supply chain to enable new product introduction without the risk.” adding that its digitally ecosystem will help facilitate the flow of data and materials – from prototyping to production.

“Accuracy, speed and agility are vital to success in volume manufacturing,” said John Dulchinos, Jabil VP of digital manufacturing.


“Fictiv’s commitment to data accuracy, combined with Jabil’s investment in lean manufacturing, reduction in business systems and overarching digital infrastructure, enable fast, nimble production ramps.”

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