New polypropylene-style material for 3D printing launched by Envisiontec

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A sample of the new tough material from Envisiontec

PolyPro MAX 3SP is the latest 3D printing material to be released for Envisiontec’s 3SP technology.

The material is a tough and flexible photopolymer representation of polypropylene created by Envisiontec’s in-house team for a wide variety of engineering applications.

Designed for prototype and end-use model applications, PolyPro MAX 3SP is targeted as a solution for producing items such as snap-fit parts, automotive components and living hinges.
“Our newest material offers sustainability and flexibility with 3D printed items requiring a high degree of resilience,” said Envisiontec COO John Hartner.

“Working together with our engineering and design team, we have seen highly successful results with PolyPro MAX 3SP.”


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