Roboze targets advanced materials with One+400 desktop 3D printer

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Roboze is looking to lower the barrier to entry for printing advanced thermoplastics for functional parts

Designed for printing high-end thermoplastic materials, the Roboze One+400 is looking to lower the price barrier to printing advanced materials such as PEEK, PEI and carbon PA as well as 9 other functional materials.

Due to its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, PEEK is extensively used in the aerospace, automotive and chemical process industries, while PEI offers outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness, and broad chemical resistance.

Fitted with a new dual extruder, the print heads can reach temperatures of up to 400°C, allowing for printing with the two polymers, while a patented mechanical moving system – a ‘helical rack’ – is directly contacted by a pinion to drive both the X and Y axes, removing the need for a belt drive.

Together with a robust ball screw on the Z axis, it enables the printing of quality parts to a claimed 50-micron accuracy.

“Today we create a significant shift and redefine the concept of desktop 3d printing” said Roboze CEO Alessio Lorusso. “By enabling the use of advanced materials, we offer users a powerful yet affordable solution, together with the advantages of having an ‘easy-to-use’ desktop 3D printer.


“That opens up huge amount possibilities for variety of applications in different industries. The Roboze One+400 is a professional tool that offer users capabilities never soon before in this industry.”

Roboze has rather cryptically told us that as a ‘solution’ – including some materials, customer support and other related services – the One+400 “will be less then €30,000”, so expect more details in coming weeks.

The One+400 is fitted with a patented mechanical moving system

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