Kreon aims for the skies with new Ace Skyline 3D scanning arm

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Kreon is throwing its 25 years of know-how into its eye-catching new Ace Skyline 3D scanning arm, as it integrates its accuracy technology with a large laser line width for improved speed.

The laser scanner can measure a width of up to 200mm, with a top frequency of 300Hz (lines per second) and a scanning speed of 600,000 points per second.

In addition to the Laser scanner it can be equipped with an HD camera, blue laser scanner to digitise shiny or reflective parts and an integrated probe for contact and non-contact measurements.

A wide width laser adds to the scan speed of the Ace Skyline


The Kreon 3D scanner weighs under 400g, with upgraded ergonomics to add a new ‘push and pull’ handle, and a new transportation handle, while the user benefits from a LED indicator that gives a visual cue to visualise precisely the ideal scanning distance from the part.

With an integrated battery and temperature compensation, the Ace Skyline is a portable CMM for the workshop, and with additional blue laser and CMM ability, useful outside use as well.