MSC delivers real time analysis capabilities with Adams

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Users can integrate their Adams model with their hardware controller, or driving simulator through SimWB

Adams Real Time has been announced by MSC Software Corporation, its first release to allow users to run analysis in the Concurrent SIMulation Workbench real time modeling environment, on the RedHawk Linux operating system.

The Adams Solver can participate in co-simulations performed in the SimWB real time environment via extensions to Adams’ support for the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI).

A functional mockup unit exported from Adams Controls or Adams Mechatronics within Adams View or Adams Car can now be imported into SimWB, letting users integrate their Adams model with their hardware controller, or driving simulator through SimWB.
A fixed step integrator is introduced for the Adams solver to ensure that a fixed amount of work is completed in a given time to satisfy the requirements for a Linux Real Time Operating System (RTOS).

MSC suggests that this option can be employed regardless of the environment; that is, it can be used also in non-RTOS scenario, for example, to help determine ahead of time if a given analysis can be suitable for real-time simulation and if the results will be acceptable.

Along with the Adams solver’s compatibility with the concurrent platform, users can perform real time simulation.


With this release of Adams, a new ‘Direct’ communication option for FMI-based co-simulation has been implemented, which looks to improve the communication performance between the FMU master and slave during co-simulation. It is accessed from the Adams Controls Plant Export dialog and is available for Adams co-simulations.

“The primary value proposition of Adams Real Time is the ability to stay in one modeling environment and transition from high-fidelity off line models to software-in-the-loop, and then Real Time versions of those same models that can be used for hardware-in-the-loop, driving simulators, and advanced driver assistance systems,” said Peter Dodd, VP for System Dynamics at MSC.

“Our customers, who have long trusted the accuracy and reliability of Adams for their predictions, have asked us to provide this same certainty for Real Time studies. This one tool/one model approach reduces the number of software products in play and increases process confidence by eliminating time consuming and error-prone model translations between different tools.”

The release will be available in April 2017.

This news follows MSC’s acquisition by Hexagon AB, announced in February, where Hexagon brought all its products into its portfolio for $834M, including MSC Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc, Easy5 and more.

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