3D Systems iSense ready 3D scanning anywhere with iPhone

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The iSense 3D scanner can be built into an iPhone case for pocketable 3D scanning

3D Systems has announced that its portable 3D scanning hardware, iSense, is now available for use with the iPhone – putting 3D scanning to 1mm accuracy in your pocket.

Previously seen attached to the iPad, the device is now available to run on iOS 7 or later when linked up to your more mobile device via lightning port, allowing users to upload scans directly for 3D printing, either at home or through cloud printing.

Weighing under 100g, the iSense runs off a separate battery, giving 3-4 hours of active scanning and over 1,000 hours of standby.

With the iSense software, quick cropping, enhancement and solidifying tools are available on the device to make 3D printable files, while the system is fully integrated with the Cubify.com app.

The iSense scanner is currently available for pre order at £359.