Dyemansion 17 new colours for HP 3D printers

DyeMansion brightens up HP 3D Printing with 17 new colours

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DyeMansion is opening up a new range of applications for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion process by unveiling its new range of colour dye choices – transforming the typical grey nylon into a brighter hue of end-use polymer.

The Munich-based post-processing experts have developed 17 vibrant colours especially for the grey HP Multi Jet Fusion parts made of Polyamide 12 on the 4200/5200 series 3D printers.

The new colors will be commercially available from July 2020 on and will be tested with selected customers in a beta program.

For several years now, DyeMansion’s post processing technology has benefitted users of white base material SLS  3D printing – from RAL or Pantone to individual recipes for corporate and brand colours.

For plastics with a grey base material, the options have been very limited to black and dark shades.

“The number of HP systems in the market is growing and our customers’ demand for vibrant colours for their grey parts was strong,” explained says DyeMansion CCO Kai Witter.

“We have taken up this challenge and now respond to the needs of the market with a new colour line.


“We are looking forward to the first colourful products on the market and are excited to see which industry will be the forerunner here.”

Dyemansion 17 new colours for HP 3D printers nylon dye

The 17 new colors range from classic black and grey tones, through to rich blue and fiery red tones.

The new line also includes refreshing green and turquoise tones as well as a lively yellow and a vibrant pink.

A previously unseen color spectrum on grey parts, the technology opens up completely new fields of applications for products made of HP’s PA12 material, fincluding consumer goods sector, orthopaedics and the automotive industry for high-value interior parts.

The dyes penetrate up to 200 μm into the open pores of the parts, and as with all DyeMansion colours, the new line was developed with surface treatment in mind.

The selected process here is mechanical PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) with the DyeMansion Powershot S. The automated, mechanical blasting process achieves a homogenisation of the surface and is perfectly suited for processing hard plastics.

Other surface processes such as the chemical VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) influence the coloring result and can also be tested for the new colors in cooperation with DyeMansion directly.

To achieve the new colours on a grey base material, DyeMansion developed a completely new recipe that it claims cannot be reproduced with manual pot dyeing solutions.

Users who own a HP Jet Fusion 4200 or 5200 system as well as a DyeMansion Powershot S and DyeMansion DM60 can now participate in the beta program prior to the full launch by contacting DyeMansion directly.

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