Line-us – a little robot drawing arm that copies your doodles

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Line-us is a small internet-connected robot arm that draws onto paper whatever you draw on screen

With the onslaught of technology we rarely sketch on paper these days. It’s far more common to use your finger or stylus to sketch on a smart device.

But with Line-us you can once again sketch on paper as this little robot arm copies exactly what you’re doing on screen and recreates it in real-time onto paper.

Hatched up by industrial designer Durrell Bishop and technologist Robert Poll, this pilot project, which launched onto Kickstarter today, is aimed at encouraging users to draw and experiment.

Draw with your finger, mouse, stylus or Apple Pencil and watch as it copies your movements in real time


“It’s great fun to watch Line-us move, but best of all it makes you want to draw; it’s your own little robot arm,” says Bishop.

Line-us works on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android smartphones. It also works on Mac and PC laptops. Users can draw or write with their fingers, a stylus, Wacom tablets or the Apple Pencil.

Connecting via Wi-Fi, it comes with an app that lets users save their drawings, send them as messages to friends and family or publish them to a public gallery for others to follow.

The app has also been designed with several simple tools to let anyone play with Line-us. You can trace directly from a camera or your photos, erase, mirror and enlarge anything you want.

Line-us has its own drawing style and character, it’s not a plotter or printer – it’s a drawer!

The Kickstarter campaign is an invitation to the community of backers to get their hands on the first 1,000 machines.

Line-us will be available for £69 with an exclusive £49 to super early backers on Kickstarter, retail price will later be around £99.

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