Caselace cleverly stops your headphone cables from getting knotted and tangled

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Caselace is a a new mobile phone or MP3 player case that wraps your headphone cables securely

How long does it take you to untangle and remove the knots from your headphone cable before you can use them? With the new Caselace design it will take you no time at all.

Caselace is a mobile phone case with hooks or “wibbles” along the outside edge that enables you to easily wrap your headphone cable directly around your phone still allowing you to text and make phone calls.

Caselace, which was founded by three partners, one of whom is Phil Champ of Champ Industrial Design who carried out the design of the case, was recently launched as a Kickstarter campaign.
The trio came together with the aim of creating a case that provides a fun, simple and durable solution with no moving parts.

Phil came up with a few concepts, which he showed his two partners before they settled on the final Caselace design. This was then modelled up in SolidWorks before prototypes were made by Solve3D.


The “wibbles” along the outside end of the case

As Phil explains, the wibbles run down each side of the case to hold the cables securely in place. The top four are slightly smaller to hold the thinner cable that splits to each earpiece, but the user can double them up through any of the holes if they want to.

The wibbles are designed to be curved and ergonomic so that the user can easily slide the Caselace into their pocket without snagging on clothing.

The user can choose how to wrap their cable enabling them to still use the keyboard and make calls

The interesting aspect about the development process is that it involved on-shoring. In other words, UK companies created the prototypes and moulds. For instance, Solve3D not only made the first prototypes but also the final rigid, hand finished model that it then made a silicon tool for and cast the final rubber like prototypes for testing and marketing.

The actual injection mould tooling and mouldings were produced by a Chinese manufacturer via a highly trusted Korean company that Phil has worked with in the past.

The initial launch product is the iPhone 5 case, which comes in seven colours. As well as selecting a favourite colour, the user can further customise their case with a panel that can be inserted into the recess in the back of the case with the option of engraving a 60 character message.

To start with Caselace is offering brushed stainless steel, carbon fibre and Union Jack effect panels. However, for the Kickstarter campaign, there is also the option of having a solid sterling silver or 9ct gold panel.

The Caselace comes in seven colours (for now)

The reason for launching the Kickstarter campaign is to fund the tooling for the next models, which will include other makes of mobile phone and MP3 players such as the iPhone 6, iPod Touch 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

There is a range of pledge options available on the Kickstarter campaign. So why not show your support and #StopTheKnots before the campaign deadline of 31 January 2015.

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