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KeyShot 10 is ready, rejoice

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KeyShot 10 from Luxion has launched and it looks like the festive season has come early.

If you’re using the system, or have been curious about it for a while, you’ll know that the last few releases have seen some pretty fundamental shifts in how the system works.



From the support for addition of Nvidia GPU compute for both real time window and final renders to the move towards a material graph, from RealCloth to new ways to interact with light, environments.

All of this continues with KeyShot 10, but with some brand new things added in too.

Animation looks to be a core focus for this release. For a good many years, KeyShot has had the familiar keyframe-based animation tool.


The new tools allow greater flexibility when adding and adjusting keyframes as well as the option to record sequences of keyframes for “fast, complex motion visual creation.”

There are also a couple of new animation options; to quickly create a sun & sky day arch animation that includes adjustments for date, start, and end time.


KeyShot 10


You can also now apply animation to your environments rotation as well as to the twist value in a camera animation.


Animating an environment gives up some really interesting effects.


Data interoperability and exchange also looks like a focus, with the new Smart Export command that that uses sub-features such as UV unwrapping and texture baking for output to full-colour 3D prints (using the 3MF format, as we covered here) VR/AR presentations and more with GLB/gITF and USDz.


Stratasys Keyshot J55
3D Prints taken directly from KeyShot and printed using Stratasys’ full colour J55


There are also some interesting new looking tools for scene set-up, particularly around positioning and management of both lights and geometry.

The new light management tools looks like it allows you to manage all of your scene’s lighting from a single location and includes both your HDR environment and individual lights defined in the scene.

There also looks to be a new widget for manipulating lights in a scene without having to faff around with apply “lights” to dummy geometry.



There’s tonne more to look over (RealCloth 2, new Substance material import options) so we’ll be taking an indepth look in the December/January edition of DEVELOP3D.

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