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DEVELOP3D Workstation Special Report 2021 – Read it now

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DEVELOP3D Workstation Special Report 2021

Our latest guide to professional workstations and hardware for design, engineering, visualisation and simulation is available to read online now.

Click here to read the special guide

There’s something for everyone, from back to basics advice, to in-depth looks at the latest CPU and GPU technologies available for specific workflows.

For those of us with new working patterns – working from home, with longer commutes, or a hybrid of office and home, we have guides to the best workstations, laptops and even virtual workstation technologies.

DEVELOP3D Workstation Special Report 2021 Featuring:

  • What do AMD and Intel’s new CPU’s mean for CAD?
  • How to buy the right Workstation that fits your workflow
  • The best pro laptops for lightweight working on the road
  • The best workstations for CAD, Viz and more
  • Experts from software and hardware discuss multicore computing for CAD


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