IoT musical toothbrush to get the whole family brushing

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Benjamin Brush is the latest in the BleepBleeps line of cute connected devices that make parenting easier

In most instances, kids and toothbrushes are not friends. But London start-up BleepBleeps has a solution in the form of a smart electric toothbrush that will play a chosen tune from its integrated music store for the two minutes of scheduled brushing time.

The toothbrush, which recently launched on Kickstarter, comes with one base unit and two interchangeable brush heads – the pom-pom brush head with its omnidirectional silicone bristles for toddlers and the big brush head for older kids and adults.

The supporting app keeps track of how long and how often users brush for. Everyone gets points so users can playfully compete with family and friends, or parents can reward children for good brushing.
“As a parent I know it’s difficult to get kids to brush properly – or even at all.” says Tom Evans, Founder of BleepBleeps. “We made Benjamin Brush to get everyone more excited for brushing their teeth and to encourage good brushing habits.”

This is the third product that BleepBleeps has launched. Both of its previous products – Sammy Screamer and Suzy Snooze – were brought to market after successful Kickstarter campaigns, which were devised by London creative consultancy Paved With Gold.


Benjamin Brush connects to the free BleepBleeps app, which records and tracks brushes so that users can compete with their friends and family

In the design of this third product, Evans once again worked with London-based product design consultancy Map, which were involved in the project from design research through to the prototyping stages. Following the Kickstarter campaign, the consultancy will work with Evans to take the product into production by liaising and working with production partners in the Far East.

In the October issue of DEVELOP3D, we feature an article on the design and development process of BleepBleeps’ second product – Suzy Snooze, a smart nightlight for children – so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Kaye Symington and Richard Ling of Paved With Gold gave a talk at DEVELOP3D LIVE this year in March about how start-ups can present their hardware ideas in order to get noticed and seen by the right people.

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