Intel’s Dirty Bit…

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“Wait… No??… You’re kidding me??… What the f[snip – D3D Ed]!?”

That’s right kids – Intel has announced its new director of creative innovation:, the fella with the sunglasses from the Black Eyed Peas.

You heard it here second, or third, or possibly for the brain-stalling sixth time today, possibly already from a colleague equally astounded by the appointment of a man who at his own unveiling seemed baffled, nervous, but holding on by repeating the giant figure of his new Intel payslip over and over in his head…

This week DEVELOP3D has been locked away in a cupboard playing with the latest Sandy Bridge Chip, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to speccing out your CAD workstation.

We’d like to think was deeply involved with its creation and application, even if he was only responsible for brewing the coffee for the office and bringing in carrot cake on a Friday. Failing that, what is his actual purpose amongst the innovative creation bods, most of whom seem to spend their time in damned TV commercials anyway??

We’d like to know how the sunglass-bedecked, pop-hip-hop producing maestro’s appointment makes you feel: is it necessary for Intel to do so? Should his massive pay cheque not go to a bunch of new creative types and developers? Do we all need 7 Grammy Awards to be deemed creative?


Thank God it’s nearly the weekend…

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