Autodesk and PTC add new levels of online security with Vera

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Vera has announced that its technology will be integrated into Autodesk and PTC software

Vera, a leader in data-centric security, has announced its partnership and product integrations with Autodesk and PTC’s design, engineering and PLM softwares.

The company offers embedded, ‘always-on security’ that travels with the data, protecting CAD files and data in PLM systems with persistent security and control.

Both Autodesk and PTC users will be able to control how and what recipients can do with CAD files, regardless of where designs ultimately move, while files can be encrypted with controlled access to confidential CAD drawings from creation to production, even after being taken to untrusted networks or devices.
One of the key features for the partnerships is likely to be that Vera automatically secures CAD files as they’re uploaded or removed from a PLM system, ensuring security controls follow CAD files anywhere and always – without impacting the design and engineering workflow.

Although manufacturers account for 12 per cent of the total US GDP and 80 per cent of privately held patents, companies today still lack effective tools to control designs once shared with contractors, third parties, or foreign suppliers.

“CAD and PLM solutions are the beating heart of innovation for thousands of companies and define billions of dollars in products and IP every year,” said Vera CEO and co-founder Ajay Arora. “Because of this, these designs are a rich target for IP theft that can result in untold millions of lost dollars.


“That stops today. While Autodesk and PTC are known for their excellent security, the problem has always been a complete lack of control once designs leave these systems or are shared with external partners. Now, Autodesk and PTC users worldwide can maintain total control over their designs and trade secrets throughout the supply chain.”

Vera already provides online security for the likes of Cisco and Capital One, while it provides security add-ons for online storage such as Box, Dropbox and mail clients.

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