HTC and Dassault partner for virtual reality

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A concept Dassault Systèmes VR set up displayed at its Milan ‘Age Of Experience’ event, using the HTC Vive and realtime data capture for immersive 1:1 concept sketching

HTC has announced a strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes to drive Virtual Reality (VR) into the enterprise space, utilising its current Vive VR headset to bring Dassault applications ‘to life’.

Recent examples of Dassault’s 3D design software solutions have developed to leverage the total experiential immersion and room-scale capability of the HTC Vive VR system, such as that showcased at its recent ‘Age of Experience’ event in Milan, which continues on to Boston, Shanghai and London, where the HTC Vive VR system demonstrated conceptual modelling abilities mixed with realtime 3D scanning.

“With HTC Vive, our collaborative 3DExperience platform provides a second to none consistent experience of the virtual twin of the real world, thus addressing our customer needs in collaborative innovation from ideation to marketing and selling,” said Dassault Systèmes president and CEO Bernard Charlès.
“Virtual reality is a truly disruptive technology in business as well as our lives, and Dassault Systèmes is leading the way in demonstrating how VR can help organisations transform their business, enhancing their products and services or creating completely new offerings,” said HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang. “We are delighted to have Dassault Systèmes as our partner who shares our values of innovation and quality and our ambition to drive VR into the enterprise space.”

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