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Hyperganic HyIdeate & HyDesign offer new tools for concepts

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Hyperganic HyIdeate and HyDesign have been announced as two new beta software options for the ideation and design of complex geometries to add speed and control to 3D form creation.

The more comprehensive of the pair, HyDesign aims to give designers complete control over TPMS geometries, letting users generate, morph, and modulate designs with freedom in spite of the complexity added by different materials and lattices.

HyDesign aims to let designers shape a product with enhanced flexibility and sped-up iteration cycles by integrating materials knowledge into the workflow. Users can choose from mechanically validated materials and structures, allowing them to generate designs and build prototypes with minimal risk – something Hyperganic says removes the intervention of an expert and the ‘tedious trial and error of the past’.

A scalable cloud solution, its aim is for highly optimised objects, fuss-free and without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Additionally, HyIdeate is a new tool allowing for text-to-3D modelling and features within HyDesign. Users can simply type in general shapes, dimensions and infills, and Hyperganic says that HyIdeate will rapidly turn this natural language description of an ideal product into tangible 3D geometries.

The initial demo showcases the building of ‘A cuboid of 30x30x50mm, with a SchwarzD infill that morphs into Gyroid infill along the Z-Axis’.



Hyperganic community members are now able to apply for these interesting ideation tools in Beta format from today – if you’re interested in trying them, then head here to find out more and enlist yourself to the Beta trials waitlist.