First Look: Siemens Catchbook – flips sketches into accurate 2D drawings

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Siemens PLM’s first foray in to consumer apps has arrived in the form of Catchbook, which offers to fix-up ‘beer mat’ sketches into accurate 2D line drawings – straight lines regardless of how many stiffeners you had at lunch time.

The app for tablets and smartphones, announced at Solid Edge University in 2015, will gladly convert the freehand squiggles by finger or stylus into files that are CAD compatible.

Using Siemens’ D-Cubed software component behind the scenes to act as a 2D geometric constraint solving tool, allowing the app to capture and preserve relationships between geometry.
The app provides a simple user interface that works with both touch and stylus enabled Android, iOS and Windows operating system devices, although free to download, for professionals it will requires in-app payments totalling £4.49 for full functionality.

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