First Look: Artec Studio 11 – automation added to 3D scan post processing

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Artec suggests that its Autopilot mode deletes any unwanted captured data and auto aligns the scans with one click

Billed as ‘autopilot post processing functionality’, Artec’s Studio 11 software for use with its handheld 3D scanners is looking to add streamlined automation to one of the most time consuming parts of the 3D scanning process.

Artec suggests that its Autopilot mode deletes any unwanted captured data, auto aligns the scans with one click, and instinctively selects the most effective 3D algorithms for the data at hand, having guided users through a few simple questions related to the characteristics of the object being scanned and the type of 3D model desired.

The result, Artec says, is a high precision 3D model of the same quality as those created manually by an experienced user – making the process ‘so easy a beginner can use it without the intense formal training’

Studio 11 offers CAD integration with SolidWorks and 3D Systems Geomagic Design X


There’s tools for expert users too, allowing them to leverage a range of new intuitive features, or revert back to manual mode as Studio 11 looks to provide a quick pathway to achieving the highest quality model.

Even in this mode, Artec states that Studio 11 speeds up workflow by automatically deleting the base an object was scanned on and auto-aligning scan data with accuracy at the click of a button.

Texture can also be added a reputed 10 times faster than before and can be mapped where data is missing automatically. Models can be further manipulated with user-friendly geometry editing tools.

However, it’s the Autopilot mode that is set to gain the most plaudits as more and more companies adopt 3D scanning as part of their in-house workflow.

“It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a 3D model created using Artec Studio 11’s Autopilot mode and one that was created manually by an expert user,” claims Artec CEO and president Artyom Yukhin.

“By making the process more intuitive, we are making the integration of 3D scanning easier among various professional industries ranging from entertainment and medicine to manufacturing, design and historical preservation. With Artec’s advanced algorithms built into the system, users can create a professional-grade 3D model in a matter of minutes.”

Studio 11 offers CAD integration with SolidWorks and 3D Systems Geomagic Design X, the former allowing direct export via DezignWorks or 3D Systems’ Geomagic for SolidWorks plug-ins.


The new platform also adds Nvidia Quadro to its list of compatible video cards in order to support the scan to CAD workflow.

Furthermore, Mac users can now directly capture 3D data by using Artec’s new ScanApp in combination with an Artec Eva scanner. The scans can then be exported to a Windows device for further processing in Studio 11.

The beta version of Artec ScanApp is available for free download until the end of September 2016.

DEVELOP3D readers can receive a 30-day free trial version of Studio 11 here.

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