Canon enters 3D printing market with its own technology

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Canon’s 3D Printer concept announced at its Expo 2015 event in Paris

Canon has announced a resin-based 3D printer concept, developed entirely in-house, designed to be faster and stronger than existing technology.

“With the highest level of precision in the industry we’ve reduced the need for time-consuming post-processing,” explains the initial launch blurb. Higher modelling speeds and faster setting times are also promised, as are materials such as ABS, PE, PA, PMMA,

Announced today at Canon’s Paris Expo – a showcase of innovation technologies for the future – the technology is the next step for the company that has already dipped its toes into the market as a channel reseller for 3D Systems.

Also announced at the Expo is Canon’s move to incorporate the technology into an integrated system for 3D scanning and data handling, along with virtual reality technology.

Part of this concept is the Versatile Collaboration System (VCS) that looks to combine the functionality of a camera, projector and distance sensor, enabling users to scan and project 2D and 3D objects, but also to edit their projected image in real-time using intuitive gestures.


With a high-resolution projector capable of 3D mapping, it can display presentations on any surface, making it an intriguing piece of kit, and the next step to HP’s Sprout.

Canon’s ‘Versatile Collaboration System’ that combines a 3D scanner with a 3D mapping projector and motion gesture editing controls

Although the VCS launch video concentrates on the 2D applications from a consumer and administration perspective, the 3D capabilities coupled with its open platform mean that it could have interesting end uses.

The move makes Canon the second established large-scale technology brand to enter the 3D printing ecosystem market, following HP’s announcement this time last year to bring its Multi-Jet Fusion proprietary technology to market in 2016.

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