FARO releases its next generation 3D scanner, the Cobalt 3D Imager

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FARO’s latest 3D scanner features onboard processors

In its quest to drive automated industrial manufacturing metrology processes to the next level, FARO Technologies, has announced the release of a new highly-adaptable 3D imager array.

The new FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors – an industry first. The smart sensor allows unique multi-imager array configurations enabling industrial manufacturers to significantly improve productivity and operations in a way never before possible.

An unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in a manufacturing process – all scanning simultaneously and controlled by a single computer.

Combining blue light projection, stereo 5 megapixel cameras with adjustable narrow or wide field of view for capturing more or less data, powerful on-board processing allows for millions of data points to be processed faster.

With high resolution, automatic exposure and high dynamic range, FARO claims that Cobalt expertly handles complex parts with fine details, varying colors, textures and reflectivity.


With integration into the production environment expected, Cobalt can also be installed in more conventional ways, such as in conjunction with a rotary table, robot, or industrial inspection cell.

Multiple units can cooperate for large automated scans

“With no restrictions on the number of sensors in an array, the sky is the limit for improving inspection cycle time, making it an exciting new product that enhances the FARO portfolio for in-process or near-process inspection,” said Dr. Simon Raab, FARO’s president and CEO.

“We are particularly proud of Cobalt’s patent-pending on-board processing feature, which ultimately helps simplify the integration of the sensor into advanced production environments. Coupled with FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 software, an unlimited number of Cobalt sensors can simultaneously capture large surface areas or complex assemblies.

“The configurable field of view, intelligent on-board point cloud processing and resolution can adapt to multiple measurement needs.”

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