Weekender // Design Museum

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The Design Museum opens its doors this weekend in London, having relocated to Kensington

It might have been announced by founder Sir Terence Conran as a ‘Cathedral of design’, but this weekend the front doors are flung open for the congregation to flood in and around the new Design Museum at will.

It’s an impressive building, particularly because of the amount of space the post-war modernist building – the former Commonwealth Institute – affords its exhibitions.

The opening array of exhibitions might at times stray politely into the realm of art, but there’s always a strong technical element at play that brings it back to the relevance of modern day design – such as Madeline Gannon’s project with Autodesk to produce a ‘sentient’ robot, or Neri Oxman and Stratasys’ work ‘Vespers’: a range of colourful and at first flippant 3D printed artworks that contain ridiculous organic formations and shapes.
The free exhibition, Designer Maker User, is worth an hour of anyone’s time. Telling the story of contemporary design through these three interconnected roles, it gives an inspiring view of how the world of product design operates.

Design Museum
High Street Kensington, London
Open now


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