DEVELOP3D puts new AMD FirePro V5900 graphics card through its paces

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AMD’s FirePro V5900 can deliver exceptional performance in 3D CAD applications when given the chance.

Being a journalist is not the glamorous life you may think. I spent most of yesterday in a darkened room testing the new AMD FirePro V5900 graphics card. You can read about my findings here.

With a list price of $599 the FirePro V5900 is targeted squarely at the CAD market and offers an exciting proposition for those who work with applications and datasets that aren’t limited by the speed of the CPU, including Catia, NX, and 3ds Max.

It features 2GB GDDR5 RAM, which is plenty for even the most demanding of datasets, and supports up to three monitors with AMD’s Eyefinity technology (six in the future using new features of DisplayPort 1.2). It also boasts a plentiful supply of driver optimizations for a number of 3D applications including Catia, NX, Maya, SolidWorks and Inventor. These driver optimisations will also benefit existing owners of FirePro boards.

I’ve also provided details of its sister card the FirePro V7900, which boasts more processing power, support for four monitors and high-end features such as stereo 3D and optimal framelock / genlock.

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