WATCH // D3D LIVE 2017 – Chris Cheung, Mighty Dynamo – What makes you mighty?

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Product designer Chris Cheung explores the dynamics between hobby, freelance, start-up, and enterprise and why he thinks now is a particularly amazing time for individuals and businesses (of all sizes) to have proverbial intercourse.

Through stories, professional experiences, and trends, he shares an inspiring outlook from varying perspectives on innovation, the importance of adapability, the need for resilience in the face of crap moments, and why it is imperative to really unearth what makes you, individually, mighty in today’s quest for success.

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Cheung is the founder of Mighty Dynamo Inc, a product design studio and business consulting practice based in Toronto, Canada. With more than 20 years of experience driving B2B and B2C products, Chris is a proven creative leader in the technology and creative space.

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