Create a user video to squeak a chance at over $5,000

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The 3D mouse is an alien gadget to non-CAD-users, sat perched on a desk cloaked in its own air of mystery and intrigue.

3Dconnexion, as designers and makers of such gadgets, are not big fans of mystery and intrigue, and have commissioned the great ‘3D Mouse Demo Video Challenge’ on the engineering community site GrabCAD, with a chance to win $5,400 in 3D mice and cold, hard cash.

Self-explaained by its title, the company wants 3D mouse users to show non-3D mouse users what they are missing by creating a demo video that rejoices in the amazing abilities the desktop dancers can offer.
Why do you like using your 3D mouse? How do the superior 3D navigation and two-handed work-style benefit you? Is it easier? Faster? More comfortable? Something else? When do you get the most value? Creating parts? Mating assemblies? Client presentations? Speeding through BBC iPlayer on your tea break?

You can go wild on what you want to show off, but be warned, the judges (DEVELOP3D Gaffer Al Dean; 3Dconnexion marketing head honcho John Moseley, and GrabCAD geenius [that’s Estonian for ‘genius’ fact fans] Kaspar Kiis) have various suggestions and requirements that you should probably check out before jumping into what is a great competition to win an epic prize.

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