SAS Analytics for IoT targets streamed data for sensor-enabled product enterprises

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SAS’s new Analytics for IoT tool aims to help users mine data from sensors, and detect patterns of interest easier

Analytics company SAS is looking to help design and manufacturing customers interpret rapidly moving and accumulating data with its latest Analytics for IoT tool, to let them make decisions based on sensor data.

SAS’ latest toolset combines streaming technology, analytics and domain expertise to turn IoT data into insight that can be used – allowing users to be able to predict things such as product maintenance needs.

Organisations can mine and analyse their IoT data throughout the software’s connected ecosystem, and it allows them to combine IoT data with other contextual data to make it easier to detect patterns of interest.
Customer Konecranes currently uses SAS’s tools to influence decisions made with sensor data for its industrial cranes.

“The use of analytics supports our vision of knowing how millions of lifting devices and machine tools perform in real time,” said Konecranes chief digital officer Juha Pankakoski.

“We use this knowledge around the clock to make operations safer and more productive. With SAS, Konecranes analyses equipment and customer data plus usage and impact data. Combining big data with reliability analysis and simulations enhances our ability to make predictions.


“We’ve gone from being able to predict failures on a single piece of equipment with data history for five variables for a few minutes, to predicting maintenance needs and failures for our entire equipment fleet with hundreds of variables and a data history as far back as four years.”

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