3Dconnexion launch CADMouse Wireless

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3Dconnexion, long time provider of a variety of input devices aimed fairly and squarely at the 3D CAD user, has launched a wireless upgrade to its CADMouse product.

Featuring the same form factor, the same (and pretty unique) three mouse buttons and a scroll wheel, the new CADMouse Wireless is available soon for $99.

The CADMouse Wireless gives you all the application specific shortcut and customisation options we’ve come to expect from 3DConnexion


The device has all that you’ve come to expect from 3DConnexion; good build quality combined with a unique understanding of the requirements of the CAD using community but now wire-free.

There are three connection options: USB wired for charging while working (take note Apple: with a front mounted micro USB port), using one of its ubiquitous USB Receivers or using Bluetooth.

The three-pronged approach means you can work and charge, you can connect to your workstation when in the office and when working on the road/in the coffee shop/on the factory floor, connect to your mobile machine via Bluetooth.

As ever, there’s a whole bunch of configuration and customisation options – something we’ve found super useful when working with a variety of different design and engineering applications and you want some normalisation of your inputs.

The three separate mouse buttons (rather than combining the middle button with scroll wheel) makes little sense until you try one – then you’ll wonder why all mice don’t have the same configuration.

The lithium-ion battery’s charge is claimed to be around the two-month mark, meaning one full charge of the battery should lasts on average use of 40 hours per week, for up to two months.