Nick Ervinck exhibits 3D printed Art at the Gallo-Romeins Museum

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NIKESWODA, by Nick Ervnick

Nick Ervinck, a rising star in the Belgian art world, is looking to explore “the borders between various media, including 3D printing, and tries to find an interaction between virtual constructions and hand-made sculptures. Through his sculptures, videos, prints and digital drawings, he creates fantastic new realities which challenge viewers to take a fresh look at the world around them.”


AGRIEBORZ, by Nick Ervnick

As of this month, the historic city centre of Belgium’s oldest town (which is a country full of simply wonderful old towns), Tongeren, features a sculpture by this renowned artist. The sculpture is inspired by the town’s most celebrated statue, the Jupiter Giant, and enjoys a prominent position in front of the Gallo-Romeins Museum, one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe.

The unveiling of LUIZADO in Tongeren. Note: This peice wasn’t 3D printed and we’re not too sure where the Power Ranger fits into the narrative

To celebrate this new statue, the museum is holding a solo exhibition of Nick Ervinck’s works, The 9th Month (De 9de Maand), which includes several pieces 3D printed at Materialise. The exhibition runs from September 15th, 2012 – January 6th, 2013.

I find it interesting that the art world has been jumping all over the 3D printing world for many years and arguably has been pushing the limits of what can be achieved with relatively nascent technology. While the statue itself hasn’t been 3D printed, much of Nick’s other works have and they show what can be achieved when you take an industrial process and apply fresh thinking and imagination to it. But then again, that’s always been the case. What’s key here is that a foundry isn’t required and experimentation is much more free. Ervinck first approached Materialise in 2008 to print the sculpture GNIURKS_S, he has been pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and challenging the company’s engineers with his intricate designs. He uses 3D printing to create thin, complex forms that are impossible to make by hand.

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