CAMWorks 2015 upgrades ready for Solid Edge ST8

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CAMWorks 2015 is ready for Solid Edge ST8

Geometric has readied CAMWorks 2015 for the latest Siemens Solid Edge release, ST8, making it the only fully integrated CAM application running inside Solid Edge at present.

Looking to support a wide variety of CNC machining needs within Solid Edge, in addition to 2-1/2 and 3-Axis milling support, 4 and 5 simultaneous milling and multi-axis Mill Turn machining are all now fully supported.

One of the main benefits Geometric are pushing is that by using CAMWorks inside Solid Edge, the design and manufacturing models become one in the same, with the fully associative tool paths updating automatically to design changes.
The proprietary automatic feature recognition and patented technology database also allow users to capture and automatically reuse their best practices to reduce programming time.

CAMWorks Virtual Machine is also available for Solid Edge, to produce G-Code machine simulation with collision detection to eliminate dry-runs, looking to reduce setup time.

In addition, Geometrics’ high speed machining module, CAMWorks VoluMill is also available, offering to reduce cycle time and increase tool life for rough milling operations.


Geometric states that it has also amassed a post processor library made of ‘all the major machine tools’ to aid in the rapid implementation of CAMWorks.

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