Creaform unveils new MaxShot 3D system for large-scale metrology projects

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Optimised for large scale metrology projects, Creaform’s latest MaxShot 3D lineup is billed as an ‘intelligent measurement solution’ adding guidance to accuracy and repeatability for parts from two to 10m.

Building on the first generation of MaxShot 3D, Creaform has added autonomous guidance to point users to the right measurements using visual projections with live ‘go/no-go’ feedback directly on the part, guiding the user to the correct position to take the shot.

Creaform hopes the system will pose a serious alternative to laser trackers for many applications, used in combination with Creaform’s 3D scanners and portable CMMs, while it can be used as a standalone measurement device.

Available in two variants – standard and elite – a release from Creaform states the system is 40 per cent more accurate [we assume compared to the previous model] with volumetric accuracy of up to 0.015 mm/m.

“With first-time-right data acquisition and measurements, the new optical coordinate measuring system is a game changer in metrology for large-scale projects,” explains Daniel Brown, Product Management Director at Creaform. “Users of all levels can be confident that their measurements are right and can be used as a solid and reliable foundation for their dimensional inspection projects.”


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