Battery designers creating always-on, self-charging and efficient energy cells to enable IoT

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The Ilika battery solution is an always-on, self-charging and efficient solution, here pictured in a perpetual beacon demonstrator

With designers and engineers hooked on the possibilities of connected, sensor-enhanced, realtime-feedback-producing products, the ability to power it has been the sticking point.

That is until companies like Ilika transform battery technology for IoT and address the key challenge of ‘fit and forget’ energy sources – its Stereax cell is one of the first always-on, self-charging and efficient energy cells available.

Ilika believes that the solution is in solid state batteries since they can be used in conjunction with all our current energy harvesting technologies whilst being able to match the energy needs for IoT devices.

How Ilika’s solid state battery is constructed


Many IoT devices need power in short bursts to collect and transmit data, whilst being able to support a wide range of environment temperatures.

Relative to standard lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries have lower leakage currents (10x smaller) and longer life spans of up to 10 years (4x longer), and can also be integrated with other IC components keeping the size of the end device to a minimum.

Ilika has taken this solid state battery concept to the next level using its material development knowhow, with the Stereax batteries using patented materials and processes that allegedly enable superior energy density per battery footprint – up to 40 percent improvement on current solid state solutions.

Added to this an increased temperature range support to over 100°C, 30°C higher than existing solid state products, while not containing any free lithium enables more moisture resistant products.

Ilika is already demonstrating the capability of its first Stereax battery in its perpetual beacon for temperature sensing.

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