Autodesk VRED now supported by render manager Qube

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The ability to leverage real-time clusters for animation rendering makes Qube ideal for VRED animations

Render farm management solutions firm PipelineFX has become the first render management software to support VRED, adding batch render support to its flagship product, Qube.

With the ability to leverage real-time clusters for animation rendering, both automotive and industrial design users can manage greater efficiency while creating prototype and marketing materials.

API support also allows users to write pre- and post-scripts that Qube will automatically run during jobs, making it easier to build VRED support into a pre-existing design or graphics pipeline.

Managing batch render times in VRED should now be easier with Qube support


This new capability apparently began at the request of Autodesk wanting VRED batch render support for two of North America’s largest auto manufacturers.

With many of PipelineFX’s automotive clients apparently using VRED for real-time visualisation and Qube to manage Alias AutoStudio renders, an optimised solution for frame-based animations made sense in the workflow.

A new Qube Designer licensing option is also available, reducing prices to $100 per server.

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