Dassault Systèmes offers new industry solution ‘Experiences’

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VR capabilities are part of the aerospace ‘Passenger Experience’

Aerospace and consumer packaging designers – as different as those world’s are – can both now leverage custom grouped Dassault Systèmes (DS) industry solution ‘Experiences’.

These both leverage the addition of 3DXcite visualisation technology to utilise the design and engineering data to encompass the wider marketing and sales roles within a company – Using DS software from initial customer interaction and design validation and verification, through to marketing campaigns.

For aerospace, this can be used by cabin designers for virtual mockups, or cabin staff for training before aircraft manufacture has even begun.
In packaging, DS’ ‘Perfect Product’ solution brings together consumer insights, design, regulatory compliance and product specification management into a single platform.

This allows multiple functions inside and outside the company to collaborate together in real time, or to virtually view a product on the shelf.

Overall, these come as the next step in a wider range of industry specific packages that look to knit together existing products on the DS Experience Platform to cover the full length of the product lifecycle.


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