AMD lifts lid on FIrePro W9000, its new gen Southern Islands professional graphics card

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AMD has previewed its new high-end workstation graphics card, the FirePro W9000, which is based on its ‘Southern Islands’ GPU architecture. With 6GB RAM and 6 mini DisplayPort, the W9000 looks to be a replacement for the FirePro V9800, which is used for high-end visualisation or digital mockup.

Final specifications for W9000 will be released at SIGGRAPH 2012, where we also expect AMD to announce other new additions to its FirePro ‘W’ family, including some that are more applicable to CAD.

SIGGRAPH 2012 also looks certain to be the launchpad for Nvidia’s new generation of ‘Kepler’-based Quadro cards, so expect lots of new options on professional graphics soon.

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