Space X gets ready for lift off with Dragon V2 spacecraft

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The new Space X Dragon V2 spacecraft

Space X has taken another step towards its goal of space travel by launching (not literally) its Dragon V2 craft to the world from its design and manufacturing facility in Hawthorne, California.

Compared to the rockets of old, and the shuttles of yesteryear, the Dragon V2 could be described most flatteringly as ‘stocky’, but it’s this craft that is a key factor to the next generation of space exploration.

The technology in version two of the craft means that it will be able to land vertically on solid land (not simply decelerate and plop into the ocean); will carry 7 passengers and has other heat protective and life-support measures.

We explained last year how the race for space exploration was ramping up to being a reality in the next couple of years, and how digital design and technology is enabling this – thankfully it seems to be heading in that direction.


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