Last chance to see: Prototypes and Experiments VIII

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Scale models and tests for Corkigami by Carlos Ortega

The eighth edition of the Aram Gallery’s Prototypes and Experiments exhibition uncovers models, samples, tests and iterations picked fresh from the studio shelves of architects and designers.

Rather than celebrating the end products of creativity, the aim of the London exhibition is to encourage reflection on the design process and the many forms, routes and diversions it can take. The aim is to foster an appreciation of how designers really think and work, and the bulk of usually unseen work that goes into a project.

The exhibition series has been ongoing at The Aram Gallery since 2008, asking participants from a broad range of disciplines to show ideas in development and give us an understanding of their creative process.
In tune with the gallery’s interest in how designers think, plan and communicate three-dimensionally, each exhibitor presents not just a finished project, but the development work involved.

The exhibition runs until 16 January 2016.


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