A shiny space saving kitchen product – the Armadillo colander

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The colander that collapses down to 10 per cent of its size for storage

We’ve all seen the collapsible colander but now London-based company RMDLO is hoping to bring to market the Armadillo colander.

Aimed at the space-strapped urbanite, this foldable colander collapses several stainless steel sheets to 10 per cent of its in-use size at the flick of a wrist.

The man responsible for the design is RMDLO co-founder Ran Merkazy, an ex Dyson design engineer, who being obsessed with origami and geometry, was convinced the humble colander could be folded up. Five years of tinkering, problem solving, prototyping and testing, later it’s here in all its shiny glory.

The collapsible nature of it, which enables it to either be armadillo-like or helmet-like (see RMDLO’s ingenious twitter handle), is achieved through the Fold-A-Bowl technology (patent pending).


Closed, the colander is just 1.6cm thick and can be easily placed into a cutlery drawer or hung up on the utensil rack. It can also easily slide into a back-pack to take on camping trips or picnics.

Having reached the prototype stage, this young company needed funding to bring the Armadillo to market, so it turned to the Kickstarter community for help. Its campaign has just five days to go and currently is £3,000 short of its £45,000 goal.

The money from backers will be used to complete the design and development process. i.e. – engineering development, tooling, manufacturing and logistics.

I’m a backer – £20 well spent in my opinion and I love kitchen gadgets, especially clever ones like this.

Watch their Kickstarter video here, which explains the product:


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