Prepping for DEVELOP3D Live – 2 weeks to go!

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So close you can smell the excitement seeping from its pores, DEVELOP3D LIVE is a mere two weeks away, and holds more goodies for you in a single day than any show you could wish to drudge around for a five times as long.

Our latest killer announcement is that DEVELOP3D LIVE will be hosting a SolidWorks User Group (SWUG) – where not only will attendees have the chance to meet SWUG honcho Richard Doyle on UK soil, but also be able to discuss the future of SolidWorks with its CEO Bertrand Sicot.
The future direction of the group will be discussed, and there will be a one-hour SolidWorks Tips and Tricks session to help answer any nagging questions.

To attend you must be registered not only for DEVELOP3D LIVE but also have RSVP’d your place to Richard Doyle here.

The Central England SWUG are also looking for new leadership, so if you’re interested in becoming part of its team simply show up to this meeting and make your intentions known – there’s benefits: free admission to SolidWorks World, and a private discussion area on the SolidWorks forums.

Elsewhere at DEVELOP3D LIVE we’ve finalised our incredible speakers list with one of the world’s latest wearable technology companies, Zero360, which if you’ve not heard of, don’t worry – it’s working on secretive things that you can take a look at first during their presentation (there’s a little info about them here).

Rather special is that it’s been using 3D printing to help design its wearable technology – most impressively it’s been using the multiple shore-hardness enabled by the Stratasys Objet Connex machine – which leads us nicely to our next announcement:


Stratasys will be launching the latest Objet Connex3 multi-material colour printer to a UK audience at DEVELOP3D LIVE.

The Stratasys Objet Connex3 colour multi-material printer will have its UK launch at DEVELOP3D LIVE

This will give you the chance to get up close to it, check out some sample products, ask some questions, and generally kick the tyres of this impressive machine.

So there you have it – three amazing firsts in one day – and you can be there for free!

It’s two weeks to go – you’d better snap up the last remaining tickets before there’s no more space!!

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