PTC hooks up Onshape-Arena Connection for Cloud-based PLM

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PTC has introduced Onshape-Arena Connection, a new functionality that connects its cloud-native Onshape product development and Arena product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.

The Onshape-Arena Connection enables product data to be shared instantly between both software solutions with greater ease, helping users to accelerate the product development process and simplify collaboration with supply chain partners.

“The Onshape-Arena Connection is the next step on PTC’s journey to make the product development process faster, easier, and more agile for designers, engineers, and suppliers, and it’s only possible because of the cloud-native architectures of Onshape and Arena,” said Onshape GM Jon Hirschtick.

“This is product development from a single provider with CAD, PDM, and PLM workflows fully realised in the cloud.”

PTC says that the Onshape-Arena Connection supports continuous, cross-functional product development that can reduce costs and schedule impacts on the manufacturing process.

With the Connection, all stakeholders in the product development process – including design engineering, quality, procurement, and supply chain partners – are always working on the same version of a design. This allows for design reviews at any time and improvements to the product before investments are made in expensive manufacturing lines and tooling.

With zero downloads, installs, or administration time, PTC has announced that the Connection comes at no additional cost to Onshape and Arena users.


This news follows on from PTC’s earlier announcement that it has acquired cloud-native CAM solution CloudMilling, allowing it to add ‘accessible from anywhere on any device’ CAM functionality to its Onshape platform.

By being on the Cloud, CloudMilling says its workspaces can handle hundreds of parts simultaneously, each with their own job and related operations – potentially allowing users to machine an entire car and all of its individual components in a single workspace, while enabling users to group hundreds of related parts together, each with their own set of tool paths.

CloudMilling cloud-native CAM acquired by PTC for Onshape

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