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Eplan eManage launched for cross-project collaboration

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Eplan eManage has been launched to let users upload Eplan Platform projects into the cloud environment and share and work on them there.

The free version was launched in mid-March, with an expanded, paid version to follow in August 2021.

The cloud-based software enables the uploading of projects from the Eplan Platform and web browsers into the secure ePulse cloud environment, with the paid version offering promised expanded functionality.

The goal is to make it easier to upload, manage and share projects in the cloud – especially given the number of media discontinuities when processing and transferring documentation. A central project that can be synchronised on the Plan Platform via eManage  offers clear access rights and role assignments ensure data security and provide flexibility for project access.

Users also need just one click to publish their project data directly in Eplan eView. This allows defined stakeholders the opportunity to look and comment on entire projects. It further enables cross-company review processes to be digitally implemented.

With a clear, central availability in the cloud, Eplan says that eManage supports project participants in quickly searching for specific content.

Users of Eplan Electric P8 and Eplan Pro Panel software are already able to benefit from these integrated processes, through uploading their projects into the cloud and transfer them back to the Plan Platform for further processing.


Changes in the project are visible to all participants and the project documentation is kept current across the entire project life cycle and even into operations and service scenarios.

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