artec 3d Micro II desktop scanner

Micro II precision desktop 3D scanner

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The Micro II has been launched by Artec 3D for precision desktop 3D scans of small machine parts, with a fully automated workflow.

Capable of twice the accuracy of its predecessor, the Micro II delivers 5-micron accuracy for reverse engineering and quality inspection workflows, while a larger field of view allows  users to capture an 18.5X larger volume, and a far wider range of objects – up to 20 x 20 x 15 cm in size.

Using four 13 MPX cameras, which see deep into holes and crevices, data is captured from 3 axes at a speed of 1 million calculations / sec.

Artec says that the ISO-certified (ISO12836) release has consistently demonstrated high repeatability, scanning the same item will produce the same results, with a reported difference of less than 2 microns each time.

The new 3D scanner works with the latest version of Artec Studio 18, for simple inspection and clean-up of scan data within the software, with a Scan-to-CAD workflow allowing easy export to Solidworks, Geomagic and a wide range of other CAD software. As ever users can combine data from any other Artec scanner in Artec Studio.

“With the new Micro II, we now provide double the accuracy and can scan a wider size range of objects, all with the same automated one-click workflow,” said Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin.

“Going forward, we continue to develop the algorithms, as we do for all our scanners. With the next release of Artec Studio, for example, we plan to add HD Mode to Micro II’s list of features.”