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Brain-saving crumple zones transform Lazer Sport cycle helmet design

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Next generation rotational impact protection is at the core of the new Lazer Sport cycling helmet as it looks to add crumple zone technology to more than 20 new models.

The Belgian company has over 100 years of experience blending design, comfort and safety and technology into racing and commuting helmets. With Lazer’s models available in more than 50 countries, its next generation of cycling helmets have been designed to protect both on- and off-road cyclists against direct and rotational impacts.

The KinetiCore technology uses EPS foam blocks that act as ‘controlled crumple zones’, to absorb the energy from an impact that would otherwise reach the cyclist’s brain.

KinetiCore results in helmets that are 23 per cent lighter with 12 per cent better cooling efficiency due to vents that expel warm air through the back of the helmet. The helmet is also made using less plastic than previous models, aligning with Lazer Sport’s sustainability goals.

Lazer Sport has adopted Siemens NX software to design the helmets, as well as Simcenter for simulation and is using the Teamcenter Share app for collaboration both internally and with suppliers. The app is part of the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio, enabling users to share design and engineering data.

“With Siemens’ NX we were able to create more complex designs for our helmets and moulds and simulate them. This allowed for greater design complexity, enhanced freedom and faster time to market,” said Lazer Sport product designer Emiel Spreeuwers.

Product engineer Hadi Ghiaballoo, added: “The 3D CAD files created in NX can also be easily opened in Simcenter for further modification and meshing without any compatibility issues.


“This streamlined approach helps us to verify KinetiCore’s performance, preventing costly mould modifications post-production.”

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