Matt Lombard’s Surfacing book is out

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Matt Lombard has a well known SolidWorks blogger, known for a distinct inability to pull his punches. He’s also a prolific author and his latest tome is out for your surface modelling joy. Having been writing about this technology for the last 45 years combined, we’re in awe of anyone that has the ability to sit and write that shear amount of content – personally, it gives me the fear.

In Matt’s words:

This book explains some of the elementary concepts of surfacing, and goes on to talk about tools and techniques. The last part of the book has several tutorials done in a conversational style, where I go through how I modeled parts, including how the decisions were made to use various features. This is not just a “do this do that” tutorial where you get the instructions to make a complex shape but never understand why you would do this or do that.

The book is $50, which includes shipping in the US. The rest of the payment and shipping details available here.

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