How DS could learn from SolidWorks

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The comparison between the post below and this one couldn’t be greater. I was just looking to see if the Discovery Channel had confirmed a UK air date for its new Prototype This show when I came across this little nugget (its via AOL, because the Discovery Channel web-site is doing wonky things with video at the moment – the original discovery channel link).

I don’t know if SolidWorks pay for the position of the product in these shows, I kind of hope not. But, when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter if they did. What matters is that it’s through shows like this that we’re going to build the next generation of designers, of engineers. It has to be shown to be the fascinating, challenging career that it is. The passion that the majority of people involved in developing products feel has to be communicated and the way to do that is through inspiration and yup, the plain old fact that it has to look cool.

PS: there’s a good one on 3D printing..

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