Zeiss brings Artec 3D users new inspection software

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Artec 3D and Zeiss have announced a partnership to bring combined inspection solution software to 3D scanning users.

The software is a range of metrology tools available as an extension intended to help engineers with complex 3D scanning tasks.

The partnership will initially bring Zeiss Inspect Optical 3D and Zeiss Reverse Engineering, ideal for getting scan-to-CAD and ensuring products meet the appropriate standards, to Artec 3D customers.

However, Zeiss plans to add more software to the extension and continue the partnership.

Users will be able to analyse data from Artec 3D scanners and compare it with previous data.

Both tools are customisable with the Airfoil and Tool Correction apps from Zeiss, and are available directly from Artec 3D through the purchase of a Zeiss software licence.

The collaboration aims to help users to “fix deviations faster, automate, drive productivity, and set new standards in inspection,” specifically in industries including automotive and aerospace.


For Zeiss, the partnership will expand the company’s position in the metrology industry.

“We are excited to partner with Artec 3D to enable customers from all industries to benefit from our market-leading expertise in metrology software,” said Marc Wawerla, CEO of Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions.

“Artec 3D is pleased to partner with Zeiss, a fellow leader in the industry,” added CEO and President of Artec 3D Art Yukhin. “This will allow us to provide our advanced users with more options for complex tasks.”

“We are excited to begin this cooperation, and to see what else we can accomplish,” he continued.