New KScan Magic range boasts five measurement modes

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The KScan Magic 3D portable scanner looks to bring a new dimension to 3D scanning applications with a wide variety of data capture methods in the same unit.

Built-in photogrammetry capability, 22 crossed blue lasers, a single laser for deep pockets, 7 parallel lines for fine detail scanning on small parts, and 12 infrared parallel lasers specifically aimed at large parts mean the handheld unit has a lot to play with.

Scanning speeds of up to 1.35 million measurements per second are listed, while the infrared measurement mode with a 1.4m scanning window.

Due to 925mm depth of field, users can freely adjust their working distance based on the details needing to be captured and the access to the part needing to be scanned.

Accuracy is listed as being up to 0.020 mm with a resolution of 0.01mm.

On top of this, the KScan Magic can also be fitted with a portable CMM probe, with point repeatability of 0.03mm, allowing users to measure holes, hidden points and hard to access features.

Built by ScanTech, the KScan Magic portable 3D scanner will be sold in the UK through The 3D Measurement Company Ltd (T3DMC).


“The KSCAN Magic range is best in class when it comes to speed, accuracy and adaptability,” said T3DMC MD Adam Stanley.

“The KSCAN Magic comes with a  wealth of easy-to-use functions, all packed in a user-friendly and portable design. We believe that it will prove to be a truly transformative measurement tool for industry sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, castings and foundries, aerospace and many more where the demand for flexible inspection capabilities is growing more and more!”