OR3D Oqton Geomagic for Solidworks course

New Geomagic for Solidworks online course launched by OR3D

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OR3D, experts in 3D scanning and a platinum partner to 3D Systems’ software arm, Oqton, has launched a new online course to help Solidworks users get to grips with Oqton Geomagic For Solidworks.

A software for developing a straightforward path from 3D scan data to CAD design file, Geomagic For Solidworks is a Gold Certified product by Dassault Systèmes for the CAD software.

Course highlights include 3D scan analysis for deviations, point cloud and mesh editing, auto surfacing skills, getting to grips with example workflows – enabling users to quickly understand the processes to enact reverse engineering and QA abilities.

The course is free to current OR3D clients, but can be purchased online for an introductory price of £200, with a certificate awarded upon completion.

OR3D says that participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of Geomagic For Solidworks through hands-on experience and practical workflows, while the expert guidance from its certified Geomagic experts will help users quickly find answers to any issues they might previously have had.

“This user-friendly course enables participants to download and finish the program at their convenience, eliminating the need to schedule time away from the office for on-site training,” said OR3D operations director Alexis Earl. “The course features a thorough guide, complete with example workflows and practical exercises, providing a comprehensive and flexible learning experience for users.”

Having been in development over the past 12 months, OR3D says that it is hoping to make more online courses available to its customers and the wider design and engineering community.