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RapidRinse launched by MakerBot for ABS 3D Printing

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MakerBot RapidRinse fast-dissolving support and ABS-R materials have been launched for the Method X with the aim of making 3D printing industrial applications with ABS easier.

The introduction of the new support and build materials aims to reduce the need for specialist equipment and incurring additional costs, while still producing high performing parts.

RapidRinse support material is claimed as a ‘unique patent-pending, fast-dissolving’ option designed to eliminate cumbersome and costly post-processing procedures.

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The new support dissolves in warm tap water and does not require caustic chemicals, typical for some soluble support materials.

MakerBot says that RapidRinse can dissolve significantly quicker than other high-temperature soluble support materials under the same conditions, making it an easier and safer support material to work with, leaving behind minimal residue.

ABS is an in-demand, yet difficult material to successfully print on a desktop 3D printer due to its propensity to shrink, warp, curl, or crack without the right conditions.


ABS-R is a new formulation that is said to provide superior 3D printing reliability and performance for consistent, repeatable ABS prototypes, tools, and parts. ABS-R is optimised to work with the new RapidRinse fast-dissolving support material to deliver the best print quality and user experience.

“Our goal with Method has always been to make industrial 3D printing easy, reliable, and accurate on a desktop 3D printer. With RapidRinse and ABS-R, we are continuing to deliver on that promise,” said MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen.

“Method is the only desktop 3D printer in its price class with a heated chamber that can print a range of advanced polymers, composites, and metal—all on one machine. Further, RapidRinse is another step we are taking with Stratasys in our ongoing efforts to support sustainable manufacturing practices and industry safety standards.”

Both RapidRinse and ABS-R are expected to begin shipping in December 2021.

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