Zortrax speed mode feature

Zortrax releases speed mode feature for M300 Dual and M Series Plus

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Zortrax has announced the launch of a new free speed mode feature that should enable up to three times faster printing on Zortrax desktop 3D printers M300 Dual and M Series Plus.

The installation process should be straightforward, and involving just a few simple steps. Zortrax said it does not require any hardware modifications, making it easily accessible to all users. The speed mode was designed for businesses engaged in mass production where reduced lead times are crucial, as it provides greater design flexibility, improved manufacturing capabilities, and shortened production times.

Zortrax aims to accelerate 3D printing with their machines by offering this new and completely free firmware update, which should include the speed mode feature.

Recognising that printing speed is a vital aspect of additive manufacturing technologies, especially for businesses heavily reliant on rapid prototyping, Zortrax aims to enable faster order deliveries for companies seeking to minimise lead times.

“The strength of our new speed mode lies primarily in the fact that it is a completely free solution, which does not need any additional hardware modifications,” said Zortrax head of R&D Michał Siemaszko. “It is especially beneficial for all those businesses and individual users that care about short lead times most and 3D print numerous parts, either on their own, or through Zortrax 3D printing services. The installation process is simple and convenient so that all our desktop 3D printers’ users can upgrade their machines easily.” 

To start utilising the speed mode feature, users should be able to visit the Zortrax support center website, download the installation file and save it on a USB drive. They should then be able to insert their USB drive into the appropriate slot on the Zortrax 3D printer and following the on-screen instructions. Once the firmware is installed, they should be able to adjust the speed mode parameters in the ‘Print speed adjustments’ section.

With the introduction of the new speed mode, users should gain increased design flexibility for both simple and complex designs. The print speed can be adjusted at any point during the printing process, allowing users to 3D print certain parts of a model with standard speed to maintain high precision while completing other components much faster. Faster printing should also translate into enhanced production capacity, fostering increased competitiveness in the market through shorter order delivery times.


“We’re glad to present the speed mode to our whole 3D printing community,” said Zortrax CEO Mariusz Babula. “The new feature introduced for Zortrax M200 Plus, M300 Plus, and M300 Dual translates into tangible benefits for multiple branches of the industry. Being able to print up to 3 times faster, businesses gain great design flexibility, manufacturers can produce significantly more units during the same time, and mass production is enhanced. We truly recommend this solution in every manufacturing process where lead time is of key importance.”

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